Vaser Liposuction Treatment


Vaser Treatments
Vaser Treatments

Vaser Liposuction procedure  – The advantage of the relatively new vibration amplification technology, is that it has the ability to be very selective and focussed in the treatment areas.

The result of this is that the structures around the treatment areas are only minimally affected by the treatment.
In the past, muscle, connective tissue and blood vessels have been radically disturbed – which is no longer the case, leading to less trauma and a quicker recovery.

Key benefits of Vaser Lipo:

• Single procedure results with speedy recovery times
• Improved body contouring over traditional liposuction
• Easily removes large amounts of stored fat
• Smoothes skin even in delicate areas like the arms and neck
• Skin Retraction after the fat undergoes Vaser Lipo
• The fat that is removed is healthy fat that can be transferred to another part of your body ( Buttocks, Face Hands)
• Refines and accentuates appearance of muscles to give you an athletic look to your body.

Vaser Liposuction Procedure

From a convenience point of view, LONDON is a pivotal transport hub and London has become the “must visit” capital in the World for Liposculpture, which is rapidly becoming the No.1 sought after Cosmetic treatment Worldwide.
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vaser lipo
How does Vaser Lipo work?

How does Vaser Lipo work?

High-definition liposuction, (also known as hi-definition liposuction, hi-definition liposculpture, or simply hi-def lipo), is a surgical procedure that involves suctioning excess fat out of target areas of the body to create a slim, muscular and athletic appearance in different areas of the body.

In the abdominal region of the body, for example, plastic surgeons remove excess fat and provide sculpting to create the appearance of a six-pack in men or a “turtle tummy” in women Vaser, which stands for Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance.

vaser fit
Vaser Fit

This is a third-generation ultrasound-assisted lipocustion tool that delivers energy in pulses through a specially designed probe. Pulsating energy and the specially developed probe help to prevent overexposure to ultrasonic waves and the subsequent side effects.

The Vaser high-definition liposculpture procedure involves liposuction using ultrasound around muscles groups such as the abdominals, hips and flanks, upper back, breasts, bra roll, arms, mal pec, glutes and legs.

The Vaser instrument used during surgery liquefies the fat and allows the surgeon to target specific fat layers which helps to create the sculpted appearance of the muscles.

Perfect results

Vaser Liposuction consultation

Vaser liposuction procedure – Prior to treatment, we insist on a ‘Treatment Plan Discussion’ in which we outline the options and proposed treatments, the physical and financial impact of the treatment and asses your suitability for the treatment. It is essential we manage the entire process from start to finish, including any post treatment issues. Our experienced highly qualified Vaser Lipo practitioners are available to manage your entire journey.

Please contact Vaser Liposuction London to book your appointment of free consultation on 0800 0 30 29 30.